Exhaust Sound Video's


Find the best sounding motorcycle exhaust video's on this page. Whether it's Honda, Yamaha, Harley, Triumph or BMW, we have several sound clips so that you can see if you can handle the music coming from our exhausts. Do you have a clip of an exhaust by MAD? Feel free to share them with us and get featured! 

Yamaha XV Slashcut.
This is a Yamaha XV classic exhaust with a small muffler build in the tube. This system combines the 2 cilinders in to one outlet which will give you a bit more torque and a super cool sound!  

This is a Honda CB seven fifty with a Scrambler 4 in 2 exhaust. 
We have made 2 types of systems for this bike. This is the Honda CB seven fifty Scrambler system!

This is our Triumph T120 Scrambler system
Check out our this video for the sound of a rumble This system requires to delete the katalysator which gives you more power!

BMW R100RS 1979 4 in 1 in 4 system
Sometimes we make systems on request like this custom made exhaust system for our brothers of www.motoadonis.com

BMW R80 Scrambler exhaust

This is a BMW R80 exhaust system called the scrambler. This system on the video has been specially made so the system is on left of the bike. Normally the system is on the right side. However the sound will be the same. 

BMW Bobber exhaust with slashcut mufflers

With this system we can really show our craftwork. We work with small lasercut pieces which are welded together. To keep the system short for a maximal look we added two types of mufflers. The cone or the slashcut. The cone mufflers are better in reducing sound.  

Yamaha XV Classic exhaust  

The Yamaha XV classic exhaust is a simplified system to combine the front and rear exhaust tubes so it becomes a two in one system. This has the benefit of improving the torque and sound. 

 Yamaha XV Double Trouble Design exhaust

One of our most famous design exhausts featuring the double trouble slash cut mufflers fitted on the excellent caferacer of one of our customers. 

Honda CB750 Exhaust - the Cobra

One of the exhausts that puts the MAD in MAD Exhausts. An incredible sounding 4-in-2-in-1 exhaust that features a super racer sound.  


BMW R1100/R1150 Exhaust sound

This a rather unique 2 in 1 in 2 system which can also be delivered in a 2 in 1 system. Hear that beautiful boxer sound!