The shop

We are bikerenthousiast with a special love for stainless steel exhaust systems and for this matter we founded a company to make unique exhaust systems of high quality to last a lifetime! Check out our Promo Video to see what we are all about!

The MAD shop is situated in the Netherlands, just between Rotterdam and Belgium, near the coast. Its not only the place we work on our products, its also a mancave extraordinair, a creative hotspot and a club house for many. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to visit. 

MAD exhausts shop

Its a place where we experiment with all kinds of new designs, whether its with exhausts or bikes. It is possible to bring your bike to the shop so we can customize the exhaust to fit your bike even better. Do have a crazy idea in mind? We love MADness!  

Moto Adonis Design exhausts


MAD was founded by Daan Borsje & Wouter van Egmond in 2017. Both being avid motorcycle fans and they had been customising on all kinds of projects together, from motorcycles to VW Beatles. Anything could spark their interest. Wouter, being one of the most dedicated petrol heads out there, rode in any type of weather. There wasn't a hard trail or bad day that could stop him from riding his BMW GS. 

He knew how to handle any bike and ride it like he was MAD. His front tire didn't wear as he could easily pop a wheelie at any moment. He loved a good rumbling motorcycle and he was keen on the details in all our projects. Sadly, Wouter passed away in March 2017. We vowed to continue Wouter van Egmond's legacy through both MAD Exhausts and Moto Adonis Motorcycles.  

In 2019 Daan found a business partner in Wouter Buningh. A friendship that started in the workshop of Moto Adonis resulted in to taking MAD to the next level, adding numerous designs and models to the collections. 

One of the first bikes fitted with a one-off MAD Exhaust


In 2018 we launched a collaboration with Bosch/Dremel to start a flat track racing team. We asked our friend & racer Stefano Erba to join us, and together with several sponsors we have built a custom flat tracker based on a Honda Dominator. And a dominator it is. We won several races in several classes and kept improving the bike in order to add more wins to the list. The MAD flat track crew was born!